We made it!!


Thanks to over 100 of you lovely people, we raised our target of £4000. They supported our first album as a duo by buying an advance copy of our album 'People Like Us' or pledging more for special rewards through our Crowdfunder appeal here



Love and peace


Marion and Gregg



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Mary and Derek Droscher and Banbury Folk Club

Ken Brown and Square Roots Promotions

Susan Halls

Scott Butler and Folk on the Pier, Cromer

Debs Earl and Folk in the Barn

Fiona Sherriff

Sam and Phipps Brewery/The Albion Bar

Matthew Roberts and The Convent

Steve Sheldon and Carperby Concerts

Peter and Deborah Knight

Paul Charnley

Jenny and Gareth Parsons

Vincent and Kathy Charnley

Helen and Greg Blanchard

Ian Ralph Huckin

Tracey Jary

Kim & Tony Cave

Tim Blake

Kevin West

Vera and Steve Lawrence

Jules Procter

Richard Howarth

John and Jeanie Whalley

Alison White

Darran Kellett

Adrian Deane

Dan Ogus

Barry Voce

Kathy Dunn

Paul Thomas

Debs Earl

Martin Smith

Angie Penneck

Paul Ballantyne

Bob Barrows

Phil Mills

Amelia Mansell

John Mitchell

Steve & Julia Newman

Mary Droscher

Diane Langley

Nick Ellison

Kevin Smith

John Farrell

Doug Tompos

Jenny Williams

Yvonne Hoggarth

Paul and Sarah Jellis

Judith Clegg

Andy Leslie

Navahra Lindsay

Nicky Sutton

Josh Law

Kathryn Marsh

Jo Blake Cave

Brian Noon

Ellie Waters



Thank You!!!


Fleetwood Cave



'Two fine musicians combining to make beautiful music'

'World class'

Bree Collins

Jack Westwood

Kim &Tony Cave

Rupert Carr-Smith

Sam Wright

Max Eddleston

Fred Claridge

Paul Taylor

Phil Greenway

Andy Doran

Duncan Coverdale

Martin & Eva Woodward

Dave Burns

Bill Wallace

Ann Priestland

Sally Wright

John Wade

John James Campbell

Rosemary Lawrence

Di Badger

Martin Driver

Lance Rossington

Steve Elliott

Patti Wicksteed

Carys Matthews

Paul Hillery

Koen Hottentot

Lottie Cole

Mandy Bellman

Jenni Randall

Richard Melay

Victoria Meir

Ian Cleverdon

Brasil Bond

Norm Glennard

Alice Cave

Yvonne Bennett

Sara Keown

Caroline Cambas

Tony Wilding

Charles Rogers

Geoff Braterman

Chris Bates

Melissa Williams

Raynah Thomas

Diana Owen

Maureen Musson

Barbara Granger

Martin and Debbie Doyle

Geoff Wellard

Gail and Dave

Carol and Mei Trow

Richard & Anna Barnes

Carol Klenfner

Charlie Budd

Jan Breeze

Kate Stafford

The Owenites

Dave Preston

John Bush

David Wootten

Anne Gibbs